Acrylic display systems use for displayed cosmetic productss are designed to help you to presented in a professional way that products wich you sell in your store. These carriers are designed to provide simple and effective display of your product range and the acrylic displays can even be personalized with brand marketing or manufacturing name.

To order such as acrylic display system just choose the type of system, depending on its size, how many exposure steps you wish and the number of divisions that you intended on each step..

Folded style acrylic lipstick display

This acrylic display allows you to expose the products made by one manufacturer or more. Depending on your requests, the acrylic display could be delivered with the number of spaces and the size wanted. Product Cod: 9.1.COSD

Lipstick acrylic display

This lipstick display offers the oportunity to expose differently each product brand made by one manufacturer or more. This display could be executed in two or more levels of exposure.Product Cod: 9.2.COSD

Revolving Tiered Lipstick Display

This revolving tiered lipstick display allows a better access and a perfect view of an item. With one or more shelves, this support enables faster access to a product. It is particularly ergonomic and allows a perfect view of your products . Product Cod: 9.3.COSD

Slatwall Cosmetic Display Tray

This slatwall allows an attractive exposure of packed cosmetics. This sistem could be delivered with a specific size and number of compartments you desire and also be set on the wall.
Product Cod: 9.4.COSD

Countertop Cosmetic Display Tray

This acrylic display allows you the opprotunity an of efficient and briefly displying of cosmetics and it could be delivered with a specific size and number of shelves you desire and also be set on the wall. Product Cod: 9.5.COSD

Countertop Cosmetic Riser

The acrylic display is better used for taller cosmetic items showing the oportunity to give a better view and stability of them. Depending on your request this gadget could be set on the wall. Product Cod: 9.6.COSD
Tehnical details

Product Code
custom upon request
*Custom dimensions for acrylic displays are available.
** This are only basic colors. Available for all kind of acryl colors.

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