The store is a simple intermediary between producers and customers. Clients waiting for news, information, different satisfactions. Satisfaction “aging” is rapidly becoming a habit and is not perceived as such.

The real art of selling is not limited to obtaining orders, it involves the same time and communicate with real and potential clients. Communication can be made directly using the dealer’s sales force or indirectly, by calling the promotional techniques in which they hold a well-individualized displaying goods at point of sale advertising and advertising.

Displaying goods, seen as a set of procedures and rules of presentation of gooadvertising,acrylic display,display case,display cabinet,sign holder,jewelry display,cosmetic display,retail display,store display,box case,fundrising ballot box case,collectible display,literature display,easels displayds, is an essential part of commercial technology. Fetish, a fundamental element of promoting the sale of goods, the consumer acts as:


raise the article, links the advertising in the press, radio, TV and place of sale of that article;


can change a client's desire to purchase, which decided to buy a particular product, give up and buy another product;


Clear hinges are ideal for plexiglas fundraising boxes and plastic substrates provided with folding elements.


provide some information about product use, which puts the value creating new needs to purchase.

Etalarii final aim is to:
– Warning customers about the existence of the product;
– Attract and stop customers for information;
– Birth of a pulse application;
– Materialization of momentum in an actual purchase, the customer make the decision to buy,
under the impetus provided information on price, quality and methods of use of services.
Displaying goods can be done by the cabinet. Showcase is, in miniature, the most effective way to achieve dialogue between the trader and its clients. It is organized in a space specially arranged for the presentation of goods. Showcase is the most direct way of informing the buyer about the variety and quality of existing goods store.

Acrylic screws for stiplex

Acrylic screw M3, M4 and M5 has the advantages of light weight, insulation, interference resistance, rust, acid and alkali resistance, weather resistance and strong features, mainly used in the adverising industry, electronics industry and packaging industry. Also we can delivery the acrylic nut M3, M4 and M5

Acrylic knobs for stiplex

Decorative mini size 20x20mm clear acrylic knobs for acrylic small drawer pulls, acrylic gift and jewelry boxes and wine box

Acrylic display items

These plexiglass hinges have a finish that ensure perfect optical clarity, it is provided with self-lubricating, has a large area solder very well fortified.
It has multiple features.

LED modules

We are currently able to offer you a technical service, staffed with experienced staff, who may want to support you with technical drawings on the ergonomic placement of LED modules in the applications that your company makes.

Acrylic apparel displays

This category contains acrylic displays for packaged goods related to field of leather goods and garments. Also, according to the specific goods that you want to display, these acrylic displays can be used successfully for exposure to other categories of goods.

Acrylic bin display

The acrylic bin display presentation systems are designed to allow a perfect display for products, jewelry, mercer, CD-Rom, video tape and others, with economy of space. Goods at the module boxes allow optimum viewing with appropriate lighting.

Acrylic box case display

This kind of acrylic display systems allows to collectors to keep and display and individualisation their special objects (that of goods with a high value or price) as following: all kind of balls signed by celebrities, mini drawings of ships and cars, electronic goods.

Literature acrylic display

This acrylic system has the advantage that can be used to display any type of product. Acrylic displays are made in different sizes depending on your requirements. The range of forms that can be made product is much higher than the drawings shown below.

Easels acrylic display

These types of acrylic display system are the most dedicated and have the advantage of using any type of product on display. All displays can be made in different sizes depending on your requirements.

Phone acrylic display

These types of acrylic display for mobile phones and other electronic products offer you an attractive presentation of the products that you sell and allows you to expose your products in an attractive ways for your customers.

Acrylic stairs display for products

Stairs acrylic displays are manufactured from acrylic material and offers an effective presentation of your products, so that your products can receive maximum visibility. Also, this system allows customization with factory brand or trade name of the product highlighting.

Acrylic jewelry display

Acrylic display systems use for jewelry products are designed to help you to presented in a professional way that products wich you sell in your store. Acrylic display systems use for jewelry products are designed to help you to presented the products wich you sell in your store.

Cosmetic acrylic display and cosmetic organizer

Acrylic display systems use for displayed cosmetic productss are designed to help you to presented in a professional way that products wich you sell in your store. These carriers are designed to provide simple and effective display of your product range and the acrylic displays can even be personalized with brand marketing or manufacturing name.

Acrylic shoes display

The acrylic displays for footwear are designed to facilitate exposure and presentation in a professional way the shoes model that your company produces or sells them. These displays give you the posibility to expose simple and effective a product range and can be even customized with your brand or manufacturing name.

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